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Long Story Short

By Kali Russell

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Where It All Began

During high school, I had a few close friends and we were a "group". Some had been my friend since early childhood, others we met during...

Who Moved My Cheese?

“But have you noticed how we don’t want to change when things change?” The moment I read this question on the first page, I knew this...

"Too Much Pressure"

What do I want and what do I need? Two different questions that pressure and lead To answers that cause us to beg and plead For things we...

The Girl On The Inside

She's the type of girl who radiates energy and fun. With the most wild, carefree spirit and a big, contagious smile. She makes friends...

Before I Met Her

It was late summer in Mississippi. The time of summer that is still and empty, when friends have gone their separate ways to visit family...

The Middle

Lately the middle feels so far away Consumed in a game I don’t want to play An endless battle between fire and ice, Numbness and pain,...


Silence in the once busy streets, craving the chaos of highway traffic that once infected our morning commutes. Emptiness in the once...

The Smell of Rain

Why is the smell of the air just after a rain so intoxicating? The smell of steam hovering above hot pavement following an afternoon...

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