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They say the harder you push the more they pull away.

I would've listened, but I guess I was just too afraid,

He would leave me broken, and my love was just a token

That wasn't good enough to make him want to stay.

Held my breath and pushed aside the fear of something I lack.

Holding tight to hopeful words, Underestimating just how bad it would hurt,

With rose colored glasses, emotions painted over red flags.

My intuition haunting me as I watched him take a step back.

Was it something I did? Were my flaws so obvious?

I wondered in the night, thoughts flowing over me so sleepless

They say the more you fear, the more likely to come true

I wish I knew then, but at least I know now, all because of you.

With time and clarity and faded em0tions

The more I see myself, the less I fall captive to my notions

The truth is that he never saw me, all I have to offer, all I can be

I hid myself, out of fear and vulnerability.

You turned away my token, so valuable and rare

That doesn't mean it was a mistake, but a chance for my repair

A chance to learn from all the hurt, a free and better tomorrow

With someone new to take my token, so much better, although once borrowed.

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