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"Too Much Pressure"

What do I want and what do I need?

Two different questions that pressure and lead

To answers that cause us to beg and plead

For things we deserve yet somehow believed

that we should know better and keep those buried.

Hold back stay silent play it safe until,

You prove that you don't have baggage to reveal

You're not like the others who shared how they feel

They were desperate. Couldn't mask anxious thoughts or sit still.

Asking them things like "commit? Make it real?"

How naive that we thought that was part of the deal.

Break the rules and catch feelings? he'll lose sight of the thrill.

Left feeling lonely if we don't go along

Wondering if the rules we swear by are all wrong

We bottle up emotions because those don't belong

On the face of a girl part of any love song

We cry about it but only in secret

Then brush it all off, patterns


Why so much shame when they take but don't keep it

Empty from pretending, yet claim we're completed

We try hard to win, yet again are defeated

Questioning what is wrong with us, why they let us go

One tiny moment we slipped and let the truth show

Emotions took over, and we let him know

That we really cared and feelings were hidden below

We feel tricked and think back to the signs that we saw

When they made us feel like they were in awe

When they saw us without seeing a flaw

Why did they pull back and leave us to draw

Our own conclusions after letting us fall

"Too much, too much. hold it in," they say.

Make a demand and he might run away.

Make them uncomfortable? no don't put your feelings on display.

Who cares if you're unhappy, it's okay.

As long as you win at the game that they play.

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